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Showcase Presents: Dial H for Hero - Dave Wood, Bill Finger, Otto Binder, Jim Mooney, Frank Springer, Sal Trapani Dial H for Hero was one of the most original comic series out there, but never really hit its stride until the most recent incarnation, as Dial H, a Morrison-esque title in DC Comics' "New 52" failure. I've had a soft spot in my head for it every since I picked up House of Mystery #161 at a yard sale back in '75 ... my first official back-issue purchase! These stories in this volume, the entire original run of the series in House of Mystery in the sixties, are nothing to write home about, but are simple fun, good-natured, comic book stories. There's a modicum of high school angst with Robby Reed every few tales, usually three new heroes an issue, a lot of goofy villains, and the beautiful artwork of Jim Mooney and Frank Springer. I would've loved (and would've bought) a color edition of this book, but luckily the artists are professional enough that their work doesn't suffer for a lack of color like quite a few. I do wish this volume was larger, and had included the Adventure Comics run of the series as well. At least this is one series that you don't need to know anything else about to read and enjoy.