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Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze - Steve Englehart,  Various,  Andru Ross Due to the strangeness of copyright laws, this is a Marvel Comics' series that has been reprinted by DC Comics, who currently holds the rights to Doc Savage. This book features all eight issues of Doc's short-lived full-color comic (DC's Showcase Presents reprint series has a volume with the eight issues of the black-and-white magazine Marvel produced around the same time). The stories are straight up adaptations of the original Doc Savage pulp adventures, each told over two issues. The first one, The Man of Bronze was more staged after the look of the George Pal-produced Doc Savage movie, which was a considerable dud due to its campiness. The other stories adapted are Death in Silver, The Monsters, and Brand of the Werewolf. Industry stalwart Ross Andru does a lot of the interior art, which there are some fantastic covers by Jim Steranko, John Buscema and Gil Kane. This would be a great book for the Doc Savage fan and completist, and any fan of pulp adventures.