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Essential Marvel Team-Up, Vol. 2 - Len Wein, Gerry Conway, Bill Mantlo, Jim Mooney, Sal Buscema, Mike Esposito, Dave Hunt, Ron Wilson Essential Marvel Team-Up Volume 2 has some good things going for it but is rather on the mediocre side. This volume features most of the period in which the Human Torch alternated every third issue with Spider-Man as the book's star. With the exception of the first two (reprinted in the previous volume), the Torch stories had "fill-in" written all over them. In fact, half of the stories in this book have that feel to them. It's not until you get to issue #36 with the Frankenstein Monster does the story quality take a turn for the better. The Frankenstein/Man-Wolf team-up was fun, as were the Ditko-esque two-parter with Spidey, the Torch and the Sons of the Tiger.The time-travel arc from #41-46 is the main highlight of the book, having Spidey, two Avengers and Dr. Doom battle a cosmic villain during the Salem Witch trials, followed by sojourns into the worlds of Deathlok and Killraven. A Marvel Two-in-One crossover and an excellent tale with Iron Man and Dr. Strange round out this volume of team-up stories.The art is the main redeeming factor of the book, with Jim Mooney and Sal Buscema predominating. Gerry Conway and Bill Mantlo handle most of the scripting, but most of Conway's stories are the ones that seem rushed. This book also features the worst Jim Starlin cover I ever saw (from #27), one of the single worst stories Marvel ever made (#28 with Hercules) and a cover where they even forgot to put the wings on Thor's helmet (#26).The Essential Marvel Team-Up Volume 2 is, like many in this series, not really "essential", but it is affordable book, with nearly 500-pages of comics, so it's a good afternoon's reading on a rainy day.