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Red Alert - Peter Bryant If you're looking at reading this book because the Stanley Kubrick black comedy film Dr. Strangelove was based on it, you might want to put it down and go and try to find the novelization of the actual film. I've read them both, and can tell you that Red Alert had absolutely NONE of the humor of the film. Red Alert is a straight-forward cold war thriller. In fact, anyone familiar with the book or movie Fail-Safe will find a nearly identical story here. The writers of Fail-Safe actually sued Peter Bryant (nee George) because of the startling, almost plagaristic similarities to their story in this book. On its own merits as a novel, Red Alert was okay. It did come off as a copy of the earlier work (which I have read and watched many times, being one of my favorite films), but the lack of the humor that was in the Kubrick picture made all the characters seem very one-dimensional. Almost all the characters in the movie are, yes, one-dimensional, but the actors give them a lot of vigor and nuances. That is all lacking in this novel.If you like cold-war/neo-apocalyptic stories, you might want to give this book a read.