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Essential Rampaging Hulk, Vol. 1 - Doug Moench, Jim Starlin, John Warner, Bill Mantlo, Walter Simonson, Keith Pollard, Herb Trimpe, Sal Buscema Nothing about this book is "essential" by any meaning of the word. In fact, the first nine issues were declared to be "imaginary stories" a few years later, since they played so fast and loose with Marvel Comics continuity. About the only things of any note that came out of this book were establishing that Bruce Banner had been an abused child, and the excellent Moon Knight feature penciled by Bill Sienkiewicz.The Rampaging Hulk was originally a magazine-sized black-and-white comic, and featured some interesting art by Walt Simonson and Alfredo Alcala. Keith Pollard unfortunately brought the book down to his level for several issues, before Ron Wilson took over the art chores when the magazine became full-color and started being billed as a tie-in to the Incredible Hulk TV show. Unfortunately, the Wilson stories reprinted in this volume are reprinted with the color separations, so all of the art is murky and even the text is hard to read. This is also a very violent book, with the Hulk smashing even more often than usual. The wandering Bruce Banner of the TV show is ill-represented here. I'd give this one a pass unless you are a Marvel Comics completist and you have a budget.