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Essential Super-Villain Team-Up, Vol. 1 - Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart Once again, we have one of those "They reprinted that?" moments with this Marvel Essentials volume. This was never the most popular series to begin with, hence the short life span. But it did have some fun moments. The book doesn't just reprint the Super-Villain Team-Up series, but also the Dr. Doom series from Astonishing Tales in the early seventies. That series featured the artwork of the legendary Wally Wood, and is simply beautiful in black-and-white, though it still seems a little out of sorts with the rest of the Marvel Universe of the time. The two issues of Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up are also represented, featuring a reprint of the Doom solo tale from Marvel Superheroes #20 and some rare Marvel art by DC and Dell Comics art legend Mike Sekowsky. All of the crossover issues with the Avengers and The Champions are also in this volume. You have art from folks like George Tuska, Bill Everett, Keith Giffen, George Perez, Carmine Infantino, and John and Sal Buscema to look at, and some great stories from Steve Englehart, Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas and Bill Mantlo.This book reprints the first appearance of the Shroud, along with appearances by the aforementioned Avengers and Champions, Magneto, the Red Skull, the Hate-Monger, loads of Atlantean baddies, and of course Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner, who was Dr. Doom's co-star for most of the series. Nothing essential here, and at least one storyline has already made it to the Marvel Premiere Classic line, but it's a fun read.