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Indies Unlimited: Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World - K.S. Brooks,  Stephen Hise,  Laurie Boris,  Lynne Cantwell,  Jim Devitt,  Yvonne Hertzberger,  Al Kunz,  L.A. Lewandowski,  M. Edward McNally,  Rich Meyer,  Melissa Pearl,  K. Rowe,  Cathy Speight,  Carolyn Steele,  Carol Wyer Quite possibly the greatest book ever written in the history of Mankind. Well, the stuff I wrote is. They had to throw all that other stuff in there for filler, you know. Seriously, this is an excellent book for the beginning writer trying to get into the self-publishing game. The tutorials will make a lot of things seem a lot easier for the neophytes, and many experienced self-pubbed writers may find some tips that will makes things easier and better for them.