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Essential Marvel Two-In-One Volume 1 TPB (Essential (Marvel Comics)) (v. 1) - Len Wein;Mike Friedrich;Steve Gerber;Chris Claremont;Roy Thomas;Bill Mantlo;Roger Slifer;Marv Wolfman;Scott Edelman;Tony Isabella;Jim Shooter;Jim Starlin;Gil Kane;Sal Buscema;George Tuska;Herb Trimpe;Bob Brown;Ron Wilson;Arvell Jones;Dick Giordano;Mike Es The Essential Marvel Two-in-One Volume 1 is a great read for any old bronze age fan. It features the final two issues of Marvel Feature with fantastic art by Jim Starlin and Joe Sinnott. Marvel Two-in-One, the book that sprang from that try-out title, has 24 regular issues and an annual reprinted here, along with a crossover issue of Marvel Team-Up and a related Fantastic Four Annual.There is some fantastic artwork in this volume, by industry legends Herb Trimpe, Gil Kane, Bob Brown, Ron Wilson and Sal Buscema. There are some excellent tales: The Captain America team-up that reintroduced the Guardians of the Galaxy, the final stories of the Golem and the Scarecrow, a crossover with Spider-Man (featuring Ka-Zar and the Basilisk) and the three-part Invaders/Liberty Legion tale.But the book is sadly missing one of the more original team-ups, in which the Thing met up with Doc Savage. Due to copyright provisions, DC Comics holds the rights, and reprint rights to the character, so issue #21 couldn't be included in this volume. And since it is basically the first part of a story that concluded with two issues with Thor, it's a somewhat awkward omission. And it's hard to really live up to the "Essential" name on the cover if it isn't complete. This also happens (or will happen) in the final volume of the Essential Marvel Two-in-One, as a team-up with the licensed character ROM won't be reprinted for the same reasons.The highlight of the book, the World War II storyline, is also available in full-color in the Thing/Liberty Legion hardcover in the Marvel Premiere Classic line, which I heartily recommend. This is a good book for someone on a budget, and is a good read, but it is far from being complete or essential in its current form.