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Seven Soldiers Of Victory Archives HC Vol 01 - This DC archive reprints the first four issues of Leading Comics, which featured the team that would become known as the Seven Soldiers of Victory (a.k.a. the Law's Legionnaires). These are typical golden age comics: Quaint, a tad contrived at time and with varying art styles. Mort Meskin does a few chapters of the Vigilante, while George Papp does a similar number of stories starring Green Arrow and Speedy. Be warned: The art quality is NOTHING like modern standards, and is barely above the standards of a humor comic strip. But these are genuinely fun comic stories to read. You've got seven (well, usually nine) guys with no super powers fighting against crime bosses, traveling in time, and all sorts of similar goofiness. Fun is something missing from modern comics, and the Seven Soldiers are excellent reminders of a bygone age.