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The Best Comics of the Decade, 1980-1990 Volume One - Jules Feiffer, Art Spiegelman, Peter Kuper, Alan Moore, Gary Groth, Jack Jackson, Matt Groening, John Callahan, Harvey Pekar, Chester Brown, Kim Thompson, Gary Panter, Robert Crumb, Ty Templeton, Drew Friedman, Melinda Gebbie, Peter Bagge, Dave Sim, Josh Alan Friedman, Will This is an excellent retrospective on a pivotal decade in the development of comic books. Don't expect Superman and Spider-Man here, though ... this is devoted to what would have been called underground comix in earlier days, and alternative comics later on. Luckily, they're all just classified as comic books now, much to the enrichment of the mainstream and the edges.I think the highlight of the book is the oddly prophetic "In Pictopia" by Alan Moore and Don Simpson, in which a comic strip magician along the lines of Mandrake comes to realize that his world is shrinking and things are changing as popularities change and the four-colored super-heroes encroach on everyone. There's a pathos and irony there that well fits the 21st century as it did the 1980's.Definitely worth a read for a comic book fan, and makes an interesting primer for any neophyte to the more artsy side of the medium.