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Marvel Comics: The Untold Story - Sean Howe This is one of the better books that deal with the history of Marvel Comics, with a lot of detail given to the oft-forgotten pre-Fantastic Four days, when the company was struggling under numerous names and imprints, and not a lot of favoritism given to anyone's particular take what happened back then. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes politics and squabbling that the average fan would've had no idea was happening, at least not before Steve Gerber's lawsuit, which was one of the first relatively highly publicized cases against any comic book publisher. I do think that most fans, given the kind of output we bought in the late sixties and seventies, knew there were a lot of people somewhere making decisions without a clue as to what the comic book medium really was.If you grew up with comic books like I did, you'll find this an interesting behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating those treasures four-color gems you remember so well.