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Essential Doctor Strange, Vol. 1 (Marvel Essentials) (v. 1) - Stan Lee This is one of the better Marvel Essential volumes. In it, you've got one of Marvel's admittedly second-tier characters, or at least that's the way he's been used for most of his existence. Dr. Strange had a moderate level of popularity, but really never made it outside the comic book, with the exception of a TV movie back when super-heroes were TV fodder in the late seventies. This book really puts you right into the action with this character, who is battling mystical beings almost from issue #1 (well, #110 to be exact). It reprints all of Doctor Strange's run as the co-star of Strange Tales, which he shared with both the Human Torch and Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. There are about fifty issues of continuity here, with the good Doctor battling his arch-enemies Baron Mordo and the Dread Dormammu for a good portion of it. The stories are handled in such a way that the repetitive foes don't wear on you.The series was handled by some of the best artists in the business, having been co-created by Steve Ditko, the man responsible for Spider-Man. Bill Everett, the creator of the Sub-Mariner, also handles some of the art chores, with a style that looks like it grew out from Ditko's. Dan Adkins and Marie Severin provide the rest of the artwork. Stan Lee does most of the scripting, though I was surprised to see that Dennis O'Neil, better known for his DC Comics' work on Batman did a run of stories under Roy Thomas' editorship. The series lacks a little because of the black-and-white reprinting, but luckily all of these artists have great styles that shine under any interpretation. This is definitely an excellent read and I would recommend it to any Marvel fan or any comics fan in general as a good and inexpensive addition to a growing collection of classic comics.