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Showcase Presents: Blackhawk - Jack Schiff, Dick Dillin, Charles Cuidera, Sheldon Moldoff This really is not a book for the casual reader of comic books, unless they don't mind real fifties goofiness. Don't expect any angst or metafictional deconstruction; Blackhawk was a simple about a group of aviators who started out fighting Nazis and the like, and went on to battle giant monsters, evil scientists and all sorts of strange menaces. The highlight of the book is the fantastic artwork by Dick Dillin (inked by Chuck Cuidera and Shelly Moldof). Dick Dillin is my all-time favorite artist, given his long run of work on Justice League of America. He's one of those artists who's not afraid to make a hero look goofy or have him fall on his ass. Great artwork, fun stories ... hard to go wrong with this volume of the Showcase Presents series.