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Dyson Sphere - Charles R. Pellegrino, George Zebrowski This was one of the more intriguing Trek novels I've read, as it combined two concepts from two of my favorite Trek episodes: The Dyson Sphere that was featured in "Relics" on The Next Generation (which featured a guest appearance by Jimmy Doohan as Captain Scott) and the Hortas from "Devil in the Dark" on The Original Series (the rock-eating and tunnel-creating 'monsters' that inspired the McCoy line "I'm a doctor, not a brick-layer"). In this story, the Horta (or I should say a group of them) have their own Federation starship and are archaeologists and scientist who join Picard and the 1701D to explore the Dyson Sphere, a galactic edifice that was built around anc completely enclosed a star. Unfortunately, there's a neutron star on a collision course and there are some interesting things discovered about subspace itself...My one complaint about this book is that there are times that the narrative is a little choppy; you're not always sure who's talking or thinking what you're reading. But the concepts in this book are very intriguing and, naturally, you'd never see these on the TV shows - the special effects budget would be drained for the whole series, much less the season.