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Han Solo at Stars' End - Brian Daley Early Star Wars novel without a lot of the expanded universe angst. Fun, quick read for any space opera fan.
The Plot Bunny - Kristina Jackson, Amy C. Winfield Great kids book with a delightful premise!
The Big Radio Comedy Program - This is a great book of radio scripts from a good cross-section of the best comedy shows from the golden age of radio. Fibber McGee and Molly, Easy Aces, Jack Benny, Bergen and McCarthy, and many others are featured in this volume, with actual scripts from the programs that made them famous. Great for the vintage old time radio fan and for any aficionado of American humor.
I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas - Lewis Black Reading a Lewis Black's book is almost like watching his stage act. The only real difference is that we see a little more of the poignancy behind what makes him tick. This book is a great view on Christmas and what it means to a Jew, and provides an excellent commentary on the holiday season that everyone should read.
Bratpack - Rick Veitch The first part of Rick Veitch's epic comic tale is one of the better post-Watchmen/Dark Knight comic series. It's very visceral, very offensive on many levels and a very unique take on the concept of the kid sidekick. Not for the squeamish.
The Seven Soldiers of Victory Archives, Vol. 2 - Mort Weisinger, Ed Dobrotka, Maurice Del Bourgo, Joe Kubert The second SSOV archive isn't quite as good as the first, but there are still some fun stories here. The tales get a bit formulaic, but are still quite readable even today.
The Twonky - Lewis Padgett Great story later adapted and updated into a really weird movie by Arch Oboler. The takeover by tech theme is a tad dated now, but still a fun read for classic SF fans.
Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 - Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Blake Bell Hard to beat this: 11 issues of vintage and pioneering Steve Ditko comic books ... the first appearances of Spider-Man, along with many of his classic foes, including Dr. Octopus and Sandman. Highly recommended!
Doctor Who: War of the Daleks - John Peel Excellent Eighth Doctor novel that reintroduces both the Daleks and their evil creator Davros. Well-written and reads just like a good episode of the TV series!
Doctor Who: Genocide - Paul Leonard A good Doctor Who novel, featuring the Eighth Doctor, along with former companion Jo Grant. A little slow in parts, and with a convoluted story line, but still a read for any Whovian, especially those of us who enjoy the "Forgotten Doctor", Paul McGann.
The Siege - Peter David Excellent DS9 novel - way beyond what could've ever been done on the TV series, it has some spot on characterization, a decent murder mystery, a lot of action and some twists and turns you don't always expect. Recommended!
Science Fiction: The Viewpoint of an Author - Radi  Radev Short, poorly written, no apparent editing, and really completely pointless. It tells someone nothing about the "viewpoint of an author", in science fiction or anything else. It's a collection of a few essays about the state of science fiction and science fiction fandom in Bulgaria. Given Eastern bloc sci-fi has a lot of worldwide fans because of such writers like Stanislaus Lem, I would've expected a bit more even if it had been titled properly. Complete waste of time.
Star Trek: The New Voyages - Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath This was the first official collection of original Star Trek short stories. "Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited" and "Face on the Barroom Floor" are the real standouts for me. All are a tad dated and obviously written as proto-fan fiction, but the book is a fun read for any Trekked.
A Study in Scarlet -  Arthur Conan Doyle What can you say about A Study in Scarlet that hasn't already been said? The debut of Sherlock Holmes, one of the few popular characters that people all over the planet can identify at a glance (much like Superman, Mickey Mouse and Tarzan). I've read them all many times and decided it was time to read the first one again. Never a disappointment!
Uhura's Song - Janet Kagan This has to be the second-worst Star Trek novel I've ever read. It was not necessarily bad but it was extremely boring, which is a damnable shame because it is one of the few that really have Uhura in a dynamic starring role.
Emissary - J.M. Dillard One of the better Trek episode adaptations, this was also one of the better beginnings to a novel series, as it actually gave a lot of new information that didn't detract or contradict what was shown in the first episode of DS9.