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Classic Space: 1999 – To Everything That Was Selected Remastered Works - Andrew E.C. Gaska, Mike Kennedy, Rebecca Taylor, Gray Morrow, Vicente Alcazar, John Byrne, Mike Noble, David Hueso, Miki I had such high hopes for this book, considering it is fairly rare for any Charlton Comic book to be reprinted, much less the majority of a whole series. But this book is nothing but a COMPLETE disappointment. "Remastering" to this "author" apparently means rewriting classic stories and imposing his own captions and dialogue. That's defacement and desecration in my book.The people who would buy this book, the ones who want to read these old Space: 1999 stories want to read the stories as we remember them, not as someone with a Wade Williams complex has "improved" them. If you're not printing those original stories, why bother? This also does a HUGE disservice to the original writers, Nicola Cuti and John Byrne, since it's basically saying that they didn't write well enough back then, so it's got to be updated for today's audience. Guess what? Cuti and Byrne are both legends in the industry and are still going strong, and their stories stand up today quite well, thank you kindly. If you wanted a proper reprint of Charlton's Space: 1999 series, this is NOT the book you want to buy. Go spend your money on the original comics and magazines and get the real deal, not this travesty in four colors!