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Essential Savage She-Hulk, Vol. 1 - Stan Lee, David Anthony Kraft, John Buscema, Mike Vosberg Once again the Marvel Essentials line has ventured rather astray of its entitled goal. The Savage She-Hulk was never an "essential" Marvel title, though the character and the stories in this book are fun. One of the interesting things about this collection is that nearly the entire book is pencilled by artist Mike Vosburg, who did a lot of work for Warren and DC, as well as doing G.I. Joe and Sisterhood of Steel also at Marvel. The black-and-white format lets a reader see exactly how an inker can change the penciller's work, for good and bad, as a variety of inkers finish Vosburg's work on Savage She-Hulk. Richard Rory and Man-Wolf/Stargod also make interesting guest stars in the series. It's a nice read for an afternoon, and probably costs just a little less than the original issues in the quarter bin, but it's not "Essential Marvel" by any stretch of the imagination.