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Book review: Smash - Trial by Fire, by Chris A. and Kyle Bolton

Just received a copy of this book in the mail from the giveaway I was lucky enough to win here on Booklikes. 

Smash: Trial By Fire was a quick read for me, as it is basically a graphic novel, but it was also a pretty good one. It is your standard boy-becomes-superhero kind of tale, but there's enough realism to make it believable, and enough action and quirkiness to make it very enjoyable. 

This is a good homage to the way comic books used to be made, without all the modern, photo-realistic trappings, when artists could be artists and not photographers. The Boltons can use the medium to tell a proper story, something deficient in many today. 

I'd definitely recommend anyone who likes comics to give this one a try, as it is a fine comic book tale!